Formed in spring 2013, Seashaped are a two piece musical project from the UK with origins in Manchester and Rugby, but currently at home in Buxton.

Drawing on a wide range of influences we have independently written, recorded, produced and released two albums ‘A Pill for Everything’ in March 2014 and ‘Children of the Universe’ in May 2015.

Both albums are a collection of easy going, thoughtful songs, embracing a variety of styles and have been picked up and played by the BBC Introducing undiscovered and unsigned radio programme..

A string of positive reviews included comments such as;

Children of the Universe (2015)

“a triumphant classic within the orbit of harmony, alt-folk and rock”

“particularly pronounced in terms of the duo’s songwriting skills which take off into the stratosphere producing some of the greatest soaring and ethereal harmony and counter-harmony singing”

“a musical tour de force with vocals, music and crunchy guitar solos causing deliberate havoc and confusion”

“Slow, smooth, wavy echoes of thick sound, you can almost taste.”
A Pill for Everything (2014)

“a laid back set of funk-infused tunes”

“a wide vista of sound that evokes feelings of the outdoors and campfires”

“a self-assured sense of confidence with its cheeky descending bass runs”

“ghostly and compelling”

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